Almost there…

It has been an ascent of Sisyphean proportions to the summit of publishing my book, and the journey’s end is now in plain sight. Having toiled persistently, I have pushed against the heavy boulder of formatting, and have finally alighted upon the stage of approving the final proof of the book before it is on its way for publication.


The book will be published in both paperback, and e-book format (thus, the delays and exponential workload in formatting). But, patience is a virtue. Being the perfectionist I am, I want my work to be published at its best quality, and so we continue with this waiting game temporarily. Independent publishing certainly keeps your hands full but it is a wonderful feeling once your book is out. At the least, another week remains before the official date of publication.

Having been so focused on the publishing business, I’ve had little time to post anything new and interesting on the blog, and I apologize for this. While I wait for the proof copy of my paperback to arrive at my doorstep, I will get back on those posts I promised earlier. In fact, I hope to have one up by tomorrow evening, where I will detail my most recent adventures in observing the Perseid meteor showers.

I thank all my readers for their patience. You guys are the best!


Bogged Down With Formatting…

It is a necessary step, but formatting is possibly the most irksome part of publishing a book. That’s pretty much where I’ve been in the last two weeks, wading through a murky swamp of page breaks, indentations, paragraph spacings, margins etc. Having completed the illustrations, along with the cover art for my book, I spent an entire week polishing said images to fit the prerequisite conditions for publication.

As of now I’m alighting upon the final few steps before clicking on that beautiful button “Publish” on my screen. I’m hoping to have the book out by next week, and prior to release, I will provide full details on the work (along with promotions), including where it will be available, and how you, my wonderful readers can get your hands on it. Following the publication, I intend to continue promoting the book on the blog, while getting back to the posts I had planned earlier.

I thank everyone for being patient, and I look forward to sharing my work with you very soon!! Have a great weekend!!