Get your e-book signed!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update!

My book sales have going quite well so far, and I’m really thankful to all of my readers who jumped on the opportunity to get a free copy of the e-book version available on Kindle. Do spread the word to your friends! While the free sale may have ended, the book is still available on Kindle and Paperback via Amazon (Amazon.Com; also available on .ca/.uk/.de/.fr/.es/.it/.jp/.nl/.br/.mx/.in/.au/) and my Createspace E-store at ALBOECreatespace.

I also made a small change on the blog. I’ve set up an Authorgraph widget on the right-hand side corner of the webpage (located right above the Calendar).


Authorgraph makes it possible for authors to sign e-books for their readers. Just click on the link and it should take you to Authorgraph, where you can search or browse my books.

You should find something like this once you get to the website. “Locke” is my pseudonym, as well as my Twitter handle.

You can then click “Request Authorgraph” for your selection, and if you would like, include a short message to me, so you can get your e-book signed! You will receive an email once I have signed your Authorgraph.

I will be posting more updates on further sales and promotions to come in the near future. I have been quite busy hitting a small bump of writer’s block as well as getting ready for the start of a new school year as I begin my PhD. But do not fear, come this weekend, I shall soon continue with the general regiment of posts (apart from book promotions) planned beforehand.

I hope you are all enjoying the book so far! Do provide a rating on Amazon whenever you get the chance! I’ll see you all again this weekend. Toodles!


Bogged Down With Formatting…

It is a necessary step, but formatting is possibly the most irksome part of publishing a book. That’s pretty much where I’ve been in the last two weeks, wading through a murky swamp of page breaks, indentations, paragraph spacings, margins etc. Having completed the illustrations, along with the cover art for my book, I spent an entire week polishing said images to fit the prerequisite conditions for publication.

As of now I’m alighting upon the final few steps before clicking on that beautiful button “Publish” on my screen. I’m hoping to have the book out by next week, and prior to release, I will provide full details on the work (along with promotions), including where it will be available, and how you, my wonderful readers can get your hands on it. Following the publication, I intend to continue promoting the book on the blog, while getting back to the posts I had planned earlier.

I thank everyone for being patient, and I look forward to sharing my work with you very soon!! Have a great weekend!!