Our Last Summer Free Promo Codes!

Hi everyone,

So here we go! The title makes it quite obvious, but I have a few promo codes to give out. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I will be promoting Our Last Summer, my autobiographical work on an occasional basis on this blog. Here is to a good start.

It is quite simple. I will be providing 5 promo codes today (at the end of the post). The codes basically allow for a free download of my book in e-book format. It is pretty much a first come, first serve recipe. So the lucky 5 who get to enter those promo codes will get to have a free e-book copy of my work.

Now, here are the five promo codes:






I kindly request that you pick just one out of the five! And once you have made your choice, get your way to,


(1) Enter your promo code

(2) Enter your details and submit the code

(3) Select your desired e-book type

(4) Download your free e-book

I will continue to provide such e-book promo codes every now and then, along with other promotional materials, so I suggest everyone be on the lookout, and for the lucky 5 who get today’s codes, I hope you enjoy reading the book.

I also kindly request of my readers to provide their reviews and criticism on my work through online review outlets, for example, at GoodReads, or at prominent sellers such as Amazon, Barnes & NobleiUniverse, as well as other bookstore chains.  I would really appreciate your comments, and it would be of great assistance in further improving and reinforcing my writing skills!


Author: Locke

Self-published author of "Our Last Summer: A Personal Memoir", aspiring writer, innovator, scientist, and entrepreneur with a delightful knack for life.

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