I’m back!

Hi everyone!

I apologize for the brief absence. The last two weeks have been a hectic affair. It mostly involved me sitting in front of my computer, editing, and re-editing my thesis in what seemed then to be an endless cycle.

All of this contributed to a lack of sleep,


mixed with a great sense of pride, and achievement, as I submitted the final copy of my thesis to the committee today.


Of course, there is still the possibility of future revisions, but the major chunk of editing has been done, and as such it should hopefully be a cake walk from here on. I will be defending my thesis in four weeks, and will be busy with preparations for that particular occasion.

I’ve also begun making my plans for the next phase of my life after the completion of my Masters, which will involve a one-year transition period before I begin my PhD studies in Robotics. It’s an exciting prospect, and I can’t wait to get started.

I now have more time in my hands to play with, and provide for frequent updates on the blog. In my previous post, I’d mentioned that my next critical review would involve the subject of Electricity: Principles, and Applications. I’ve decided instead to tweak the subject matter, and will use my Masters thesis research on a device called the Single Dielectric Barrier Discharge (SDBD) Plasma Actuator (I admit, it’s a mouthful)  as a platform to discuss the topic. The review should be up on the blog by the end of this week!


Author: Locke

Self-published author of "Our Last Summer: A Personal Memoir", aspiring writer, innovator, scientist, and entrepreneur with a delightful knack for life.

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